For years, I’ve been fortunate enough to eat Carin McKay’s amazing food when she cooks for our Earth Activist Trainings and other events, and I am always so thrilled and grateful to be nourished in body and soul by her wonderful food, her presence, and the warm and welcoming atmosphere she creates in her kitchen and with her staff. And for years, we’ve been saying “Carin, you should write a cookbook!” And now she has, and it is just as much of a feast as one of her amazing dinners, full of beauty and nourishment, stunning photographs and great recipes. Everything Carin does is a labor of love

Starhawk, Author

I *love* your book. I gave a copy to my foodie friend Jasper (who was psyched at first glance, haven’t had a chance to ask her about it since), and another to my brother and his girlfriend (Michelle, who used to live in Bolinas and work on a private organic farm up there). We’re all way into it (and our mom was in town and got to check it out, too). We made the chicken tagine (with onions and fresh herbs from their garden) and it was amazing! To go with, I prepared some extremely fresh Brussels sprouts lightly seared in coconut oil, lemon zest, rosemary, salt and paper, and Michelle made some red quinoa mixed with home-grown amaranth. Our mom was there and we opened a nice bottle of Brunnello and we toasted to your amazingness, your book, and how grateful we are to have you in our lives. I wanted to share the story earlier, but I just now got the photo which I wanted to send along with it.

Derek Wright

There was a time, before I thought of asking you to cater, when I regretted the idea of having a wedding.  The mainstream choices felt impersonal and wasteful to me.  When you agreed to work with us, you helped change my whole attitude.

Your involvement sparked us to make our wedding fully personal and permic!  Ethan waxed poetic about RDI and came up with the idea for living center pieces to go in our garden.  You gathered all the right people who opened their hearts to making our day full of love and magic.  Davy brought the design vision and kept us all organized. Nora stirred up a magical cake that melted our hearts.  Rob created an artful menu we will be framing.  Your sincere crew insured the flow of the evening was a well-orchestrated spell.  Your gorgeous soup tureen was the perfect magical addition to the enchanted feasting table.  The apps and meal were beyond our wildest dreams of course – you blew away our family and friends who are still talking about your food!  Even your mason jar glassware idea rocked our world (now we wake up giddy about canning plans!)  I also have you to thank for encouraging me to call Michael who I had been too shy to contact.  We now have the beauty of our day documented.  You fed us in so many ways that I could go on forever.  THANK YOU for a timeless memory.  Love & Hugs.


Carin is an artist, a crafter of delicious healthful color-filled food, a strong facilitator in meal making that holds communities of the moment together, a mentor to other like craftspeople, and a big open heart.  In short, the culmination of all her work can be tasted in that perfect bite of food and beautiful sustinance made truly with love. The Culinary Magic kitchen is where it’s at!

Loren Robertson

I have worked with Carin McKay many times over the last 8 years and I am continually amazed at her ability to arise to any occasion. Regardless of the size of the group or the constraints of the kitchen itself, Carin and her team consistently bring creativity, a bright mind and delicious food that tantalizes and delights diverse audiences.  Carin’s positive and playful nature have been a joy to work with and we are blessed to have her cater our programs. Carin sets the bar so high that we can’t imagine working with anyone else!

Dave Hage, Co-Founder Weaving Earth

About our Brazilian music and dance camp, I think someone once said “It’s food camp, with some Brazilian music.”  I’m pretty sure they like the programs we offer, so that tells you the impact Carin McKay, Teo Weiss,  and Culinary Magic have had on our event.  Always a pleasure to work with, Carin takes such care to ensure that all of our energized participants are well-nourished day and night, with fantastic, healthy food.  While amazingly creating gourmet dishes for hundreds at a time, the staff still goes out of their way to take care of individual needs, and integrate very well into our tight-knit community.  After over 10 years working together, and building our event together, we can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.

Richard Rice, Producer California Brazil Camp

Eating food prepared by Carin McKay and her staff is a huge gift!  The love, depth of experience, flavors of lineage and big heart can be tasted through the food. We are consistently greeted with a beautiful, abundant and well-planned menu. Our participants talk about how delicious the food was long after the course is over and look forward to each meal with excitement during the course itself. As an event planner, Carin’s reliability, playful nature, and depth of experience allow me to breathe easy and relax into Carin’s competence and culinary magic!

Lauren Dalberth, Co-Founder Weaving Earth